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Rơ-le kiểu công-tắc từ loại SR-N

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Rơ-le kiểu công-tắc từ loại SR-N

Contactor relays
The Mitsubishi Electric series SR-N contactor relays are specially designed for use in low voltage control circuit applications.

• High reliability: By adopting bifurcated moving contacts and by improving the shape of the contacts, contact performance has been made more reliable than ever.
• Different types as: Standard, high capacity or overlap contact
• Various contact arrangements
• Long life
• Mountable on 35 mm DIN rails
• Dust-proof construction Easily visible coil ratings
• Easy wiring (self-rising terminal screws)
• Various accessories common with the series S-N contactors (front and side clip-on type additional auxiliary contact blocks, surge absorbers)
• Finger protected types are available (DIN 57106/VDE 0106 Part 100) (Suffix "CX") ...